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Jennifer Harvey

I suppose this is the place where I say a little bit about myself right?

Here’s a few things in life I enjoy:

Running: Yeah I’m one of those folks that shuffles aimlessly through city streets and parks for no apparent reason. Save that it honestly is a lot of fun. Trust me.

Climbing: Mostly indoors. It helps me stay calm and focused and I like feeling that wee bit scared.

Books: I’ll read just about anything. Some books you will find on my shelf: Paul Auster, Phillip K Dick, Jack Kerouac, Somerset Maugham, Raymond Chandler, Ian Rankin, Iain Banks, Haruki Murakami, Richard Ford, Paul Bowles, Ted Hughes, John Guare, William Fiennes…to name but a few.

I also read submissions for Carve Magazine and I am a judge and contributing editor for Mash Stories.

Music: Generally my taste veers towards the loud. If it involves a guitar, I will be very happy. Yes, I was a teenage indie geek.

Trekking in mountains: Every summer I head off to some high ranged area. If you lived in Holland, you’d do the same, no?

Photography: I bought a camera in May 2005. It has proven to be a big distraction. Damn. Prior to this I never had a camera on me and never took much of an interest in snapping away at the world – my theory being that if you’re behind a lens then you are missing out on the actual, real-life event taking place before you and are cheating yourself of a memory. These days though I tend to assume that, when I am old and senile, I will now have a nice wee scrapbook of photos to help jog my decrepit memory. Mebbe.

What else? Well at this point I can only say stop reading this load of trivia and have a quick trawl through the site. I reckon everything you need to know about me is contained in the pages within…enjoy!


One thought on “About Jen

  1. Phil Gagler says:

    So…here you are! Nice looking site ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was looking through old bookmarks and saw yours from Blogger, that lead me here. I started Blogging shortly after you did, I joined in April of 2005. I really haven’t been blogging at all in a very long time. I’ve toyed with getting back to it but I doubt I will. I don’t seem to be able to make time for it. It was very therapeutic for me though…

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