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The lifestyle you have chosen is currently unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience. As soon as this item is back in stock we will contact you. In the meantime, if you cannot wait for a lifestyle improvement, why not check out the alternative lifestyle options we can personally recommend for you? Just click on each item for further details.

Multi-tasking Made Easy

Our most popular lifestyle, the Multi-tasking Made Easy package contains the full range of our world renowned bio-upload ™, 21st Century Coping Strategies. This package ensures you:

  • Manage time effectively and efficiently with the help of Alex™ our patented bio-integrated personal assistant.
  • Stay focussed and driven with our unique neuro-transmitter bio-microchip[1].
  • Enjoy pre-scheduled quality time with family and friends[2].
  • Stay fit and healthy with our fast and furious seven minute wonder workout. [3]
  • Eat one fresh home cooked meal every day.[4]
  • Stay refreshed and rested on just five hours sleep a night with our Easy Sleep™ melatonin release technology.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about the Multi-tasking Made Easy package:

I’m never knew how much I could get done in one day until I uploaded the Multi-tasking Made Easy bio-chip. My bike repair business has really taken off because of it – being organised just gives me that edge over the competition. I’ll never be without it now!” Melanie, Portland.

The bio-chip is a miracle. Really clears your head and it definitely beats popping all those pills I used to take.” Perry, New Jersey.

Stress Busters

Does daily life grind you down? Do worries keep you awake at night? Then what you need is our Stress Busters package. Guaranteed[5] to keep you calm and relaxed throughout the day. The Stress Busters package ensures you can:

  • Perform the full range of Ashtanga yoga poses from day one using our Fit & Flex™ muscle adapter technology.
  • Automatically perform breathing and relaxation exercises with the help of our amazing Stress Detector™ skin sensor.
  • Schedule in a daily digital detox hour with the help of Daisy the Digital Dominatrix™.
  • Stop night-time teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about the Stress Busters package:

I never realised how stressed I was until those breathing exercises kicked in. In the beginning I needed to do the breathing 30, maybe 40 times a day, but now I’ve got it down to 10! Fantastic !!!!” Angelica, Sioux Falls.

I’ll tell you one thing: my dental bills have reduced dramatically since I stopped grinding my teeth. I feel I can smile again!” Ben, Florida

Footloose and Fancy Free

Popular with business executives looking for a little downtime between projects our Footloose and Fancy Free package is a short, fun little package that turns life into one big party. This package allows you to:

  • Party all night and feel fresh the next day thanks to our unique Glory Days ™ endorphin release technology. [6]
  • Revive your flirtation and seduction skills with our You’re Only as Young as You Feel ™ confidence boost neuro-transmitter.
  • Hang out on the beach and enjoy the moment free from the usual executive worries such as deadlines, strategies and networking opportunities.
  • Read a book.
  • Learn how to throw a clay pot or paint in oils.
  • Make a fool of yourself and not give a damn.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about the Footloose and Fancy Free package:

After an acrimonious and expensive divorce, I swore off women, but then I met Suzie at a party and I’ve been laughing ever since.” Dexter, Manhattan.

I honestly never thought I was the type for throwing pots. I mean, that stuff’s for hippies, right? But damn me, it’s true what they say, sometimes you’ve just got to release your creative side. It’s wonderful. I’m doing a porcelain glaze course next week and I’m really looking forward to it.” Anonymous, Hampton Beach.

If none of our lifestyle suggestions suit your needs then why not call one of our operators and schedule a free lifestyle consultation? We can tailor make a lifestyle to suit all wishes, ambitions and desires. So call us now on our toll-free number: 555- 211666. We’re waiting for your call.


[1] Our specially trained assistants are available 24 hours to insert your personal bio-chip at any local bio-upload centre.

[2] Set Alex ™ to Quality Time mode to ensure these 10 minute moments are scheduled.

[3] This workout kicks in automatically at 05:30 with a bugle alarm call. Just set Alex™ to Bootcamp Mode.

[4] Alex™ comes with four mealtime settings: Vegan, Vegetarian, Gourmet and Clean Living.

[5] Please check the full terms and conditions. Variations in individual responses to our bio-download apply.

[6] Please note that for the over-50s this technology is effective for only three consecutive nights.

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