Ice crystals

Imagined words for snow and ice

‘Cumulospiration,’ he said, and watched as she stretched out her hand and tried to grasp it. A small sigh as it vanished.

‘Gone,’ she said. And he shared her disappointment.

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Small Shadow Tree


Nine in the evening, and the sun starts to dip below the rooftops, the dust and heat of the day, turning the sky a ruby red. September, though it feels like high summer. There’s the same lazy slowness in the air and it has her reaching for the cool of a water glass which she holds to her temple.

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Tell Me About It

A very short story I wrote which was shortlisted for the A3 Review on the theme of ‘Tracks’   There are tracks on your arm from a parallel life, and I want to know all about it. The truth now, you hear? No bullshit. Just the facts. Don’t tell me your mama didn’t love you. Your papa beat you. Your girl ran out on you. Cuz I can see something wild there. It glints. Sexy? Sure. Scary? You bet. Was it all just a crazy misadventure? Something you did one day cuz Jack – who you never see any more, Read More

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Podcast 4

The Technician Has Eyes Of Deepest Blue

Listen to me read “The Technician Has Eyes Of Deepest Blue” Podcast music via The technician has eyes of deepest blue. I notice them as she leans over me. Feel her brush against my cheek, the crimson flush rising on the surface of my skin “Just a tiny prick, okay?” she says. I nod “Uh-huh” but I am already lost, remembering a deeper blue I saw once. “You’ll see stars soon” she smiles. At least I think that’s what she says. “What a peculiar thing for a dentist to say”, the last thought I have. Because I fall then, Read More

Podcast 4

This Little Piggy

“The trouble with these people is they take themselves too seriously. In fact, they take everything too seriously.” She offered up a half-hearted grunt by way of reply, because she didn’t want to encourage him. If he thought he had her attention, he would keep going, on and on, about this, that and the other. She looked towards the television to see what it was that was aggravating him this time. Some kid was on the news. She could tell it was a kid by how slight their shoulders were, and something about the stance, defiant, but unsure for all Read More

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Cold Skin

We lay there, skin on skin. A breeze billowed the curtain and I watched as goosebumps shivered on the small of your back like a kiss. There was not much left of the day. Through the window I could see the light fading and soon it would be dark, but neither of us made a move to leave. The moment would pass soon enough, something we both knew. Better to lie there a while, side by side, and let it fill us. You shift beneath the sheets and turn to face me. “Do you ever remember?” It’s confusing at first. Read More

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