Sand dunes and beach

Pebbles And Shells

We traded pebbles and shells. For one pink scallop I gave you five stones polished smooth by waves. They glistened in your open palm. All day we played on the beach, our parents somewhere far off. Away, beyond the glint of sun and silhouettes, where they could not be seen. I had thought I could fool you. You were younger after all. That scallop, the perfect shape of it, its edges, pink and corrugated as if it had been engraved by the sea. I coveted it. Wished it was me that had found it. So I offered up those little Read More

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Cold Skin

We lay there, skin on skin. A breeze billowed the curtain and I watched as goosebumps shivered on the small of your back like a kiss. There was not much left of the day. Through the window I could see the light fading and soon it would be dark, but neither of us made a move to leave. The moment would pass soon enough, something we both knew. Better to lie there a while, side by side, and let it fill us. You shift beneath the sheets and turn to face me. β€œDo you ever remember?” It’s confusing at first. Read More

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Taiga Wolf

We Prowled The Taiga

We prowled the Taiga, a ghostly light, green and ephemeral dancing across the sky. Beautiful. Haunting us. Like a howl at the moon. And with it, the air changed as the light shifted something. We feel it, the tingle of it. A little snap as it twitches through our spines. Perhaps it is also this that draws them near? We watch them through the trees. Huddled and whispering, they sit together, heads tilted heavenwards. And though we are wary, we listen, because the tales they tell are wonderful to our ears. They talk of things we do not understand. Of Read More