A short story written as part of a Flash Fiction exercise, the theme was the title “Sudden”.

The silk scarf feels like a caress. At the mirror she takes care to fold it just so. It is important that it sits well. Small things like that make her happy.

She admires the colours in the mirror, the opulent blues and greens. One final flourish and she is satisfied.

She suspects nothing.

At tea they sit together politely and she checks the scarf once more to be sure it is still sitting well. Across the table the glint of a silver bracelet catches her eye and she compliments her friend.

After tea they take a walk in the park. The first scent of spring is in the air and the birds can sense it. They chirp somewhere in the trees, but she cannot see them.

A sharp breeze disturbs the air and she pulls the scarf a little tighter, but she can feel the tiny goosebumps on her skin.

By a bench under a tree she asks her friend if they can sit a while and steadies herself on her arm as they walk towards it.

And all the while she suspects nothing.

Looking up, she spots it at last, perched high on a branch. It chirps and the sound makes her smile.

A blue tit? she wonders, as her eyes close and her head falls onto the shoulder beside her.

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