Eye spy…

…with my little eye …

On the Java Island, some romantic soul has placed a coin operated telescope on the quay.

It looks out over the water to the north of the city and the chemical factory that stands there.

As views go it is not very inspiring and certainly not one you would contrive to look at via the lens of an old telescope.

I guess whoever put it there was recalling other days when this island used to be a hub of activity, being as it was one of the main offloading points in the Amsterdam docklands.

Perhaps they had visions of fascinated spectators staring through the peephole to wonder at the barges as they make their industrious way up and down river, laden with their heavy loads?

Nostalgia and romanticism seem to be in short supply these days, however, and I have yet to see anyone bent over this telescope, delighting in the view that is reflected back to meet them.

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