Alphabet Day

My day so far, in alphabetical order

A: Annapurna trek – making last minute plans to hook up with my pal there in 2 weeks time
B: BBC – takes a beating from Blair over their “gloating” coverage of US plight post Katrina
C: Coffee, coffee, coffee
D: David Blunkett – under scrutiny again
E: Elections – Today Germany ousts Shroeder (or that’s how it’s looking)
F: Feuds and intrigue up in The Shetlands of all places
G: Glasgow parks – the only place for a Franz Ferdinand gig – yey!
H: Hangover from a lost weekend in Amsterdam
I: Intelligent Design as practiced by penguins
J: Janine – who takes the most sensual self-portraits on Flickr
K: Kate Moss – cocaine chic or just plain dumb? You decide…
L: Livers – artificial ones the last hope for people who party. Just gimme one now …
M: Move over Steve McQueen here’s Prince Harry! WTF?
N: Nonsense – but I read it every day anyway.
O: Oh My News – it’s just cool.
P: Paris Hilton and the decline of cultured America
Q: Quaint – Keira Knightley sparks and Austen revival
R: Racy! Fantasy of a News Of The World editor – Kate Moss in a lesbian threesome romp!
S: The Sundays – music to soothe sore heads
T: Tod. Ms Wurzeltod to be precise. Gothic splendour from Switzerland.
U: University – Greenpeace teach future generations how to get active!
V: Violence. UN report claims Scotland is the most violent country in the developed world
W: Wacky news – dead cats used as organic fuel for cars
X: Xylophone world music festival – I had no-idea
Y: Yoshimoto, Banana – reading “Lizard” at the moment. I love this author 🙂
Z: Zydeco tribute for Clifton Chenier

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