Bumblebee day

“Look at the size of that bee!”

That was my friend Brendan the other day as a wee fat bumblebee buzzed past his window.

I like bumblebees. They make me smile. There they flit, all fat and furry and fuzzy, with their striped, cheerful bellies. Onwards and upwards they go full tilt to the breeze, with not a care in the world.

And yet, according to some scientific myths, bumblebees cannot fly. No siree.

They cannot take off, become airborne, glide, flit or soar. They cannot land softly on the stem of a lilac bush to suck at the pollen, nor can they buzz happily past your window.

But they do.

They blissfully ignore all known laws of mathematics and aerodynamics and just take to the air to float in the sun. Yey!

Go bumbleebee! Go!

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