Frozen Waymarker Venabu

February 2014 I know the mountains are out there. I know that they are close, even. But I cannot see them. While I wait for them to emerge, I say thei...

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Landscape In The Mist

Dark Forest

Akiyoshi walks into the forest. He does not turn around. Though when he hears the girl laugh he feels the pull of it and stops, thinking “this is it...

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Akiyoshi Walks Into The Forest

High Rise Building

ONE Somewhere out there, someone else is sitting at a window, thinking the same thing. It was probability. All those people, packed in tight together....

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Excerpt: Ten Stories High

Spectra by Ryoji Ikeda

The Return To Heaven This story was first published by Visual Verse in 2014. You can read it over there or listen to me read it for you....

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The Return To Heaven

Expanse of beach in Castricum.

Under A Blue Sky This story was first published in 2014 by Visual Verse and you can read it there. Or of you prefer, listen to me read it for you....

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Under A Blue Sky

Ray of light filters through the ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome

The morning sun filtered through the window of the eastern transept, light falling on the nave like a ray of gold that had descended from the heavens....

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Eastern Transept

Spring Blossom

There’s a list. Warning signs. Things to look out for. Common misconceptions. Such as this: if a person is determined to kill him/herself, nothing i...

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Those They Leave Behind


Days later, the work done, he walked into the room and found her gazing at the technicoloured field. Row upon row of tulips in every available colour,...

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Excerpt: Tulips

Railway lines

It had never been done before. No one had dared even imagine it. But in 1972 she did it. Tiny Olga Korbut, all pigtails and smiles, nailed a backward ...

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Excerpt: The Gymnast

Saigon Terminus

Destinations flickered on the screen, a tantalizing glow of possibilities. None of them were places he had ever been, just names on a board. The crowd...

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At Grand Central Terminus